Can you style the HTML report?

Is there a way in the YouTrack interface to add templates for the HTML report style? If not is there a way to modify the HTML template used to generate the HTML report? I'd like to do things like change the <a href> for the ticket ids to non-links etc. Thanks!


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Hello Noah,

Unfortunately not, at the moment you cannot customize the style of HTML reports. I've created a feature request in our YouTrack

Please vote for it, add your comments and suggestions, or just add yourself to the list of watchers to get notified about issue progress.

Best regards,


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as far as i understand you would like to customize the html of a report. We can't do this fast but as a quick-fix we can offer you a possibility to add a custom css to the report.

You can write the css that updates our default style. So you will be able to change, for example, a presentation of links.

Does it suits you?




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