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Ok, it's possible, but requires 1 additional (possible private) custom field of type user[*] to store projects assignees. You need to add additional field because of current restriction of customizable workflow system, please vote for JT-12689, JT-12701.

To assign each new issue to next assignee write the following workflow:

rule Round assignment 

when created != null {
  var lastCreated = project.issues.first;
  for each curIssue in project.issues {
    if (curIssue.created > lastCreated.created) {
      lastCreated = curIssue;
  var timeToSetAssignee = false;
  for each assignee in Assignees {
    if (timeToSetAssignee) {
      issue.Assignee = assignee;
    if (assignee == lastCreated.Assignee) {
      timeToSetAssignee = true;

Please look at the reference how to write own workflows.


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