Mailbox support for native Exchange mail protocol?

Hi guys,

For various reasons, our system administrators are reluctant to provide POP3 or SMTP access to our mail server. I want to integrate our YouTrack installation with a support mailbox we have set up.

Is there any way to get YouTrack to be able to pull emails from the mailbox using Exchange's native protocol?

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Hello, Seb!

We're using javamail library for mailbox. It supports POP3 and IMAP protocols for getting emails. What is native Exchange protocol? Where to get more information about it?
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Hello Vadim,
I stumbled over this post looking for a way to integrate YouTrack with Exchange.
The native protocol of Exchange is ActiveSync.
Since Exchange 2007 there is something called EWS Managed Api and Microsoft also released a Java Client for this.
Unfortunately the client was removed from MSDN but I found a clone on GitHub (

I hope that helps.

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