How to express the following query in YouTrack: "show all issues without a parent task"?

We have been using youtrack (standalone, 25 user license) on a self-configured Ubuntu machine.

Now its time for us to migrate to a web-server , so our distributed team can access it.

I am looking for some help on installing it on a hosted VPS server (from a hosting provider)
The VPS does not provide tomcat installation.
It has Apache ver 2.2.11
MySQL 5.0.95
Perl ver: 5.8.8

I do have shell access on this host... but I have no experience installing java, tomcat, port forwarding etc. on a hosted account.

Looking for guidance or help.
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Hello Nikolay,
you can use has: -{Parent for} query to get all issues except those having subtasks.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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Pavel, Thank you!

I transformed your query to has: -{Subtask of} and it solved my problem superbly!

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