How can I search tasks by multiple values?

Daer JetBrains / YouTarck staff,

I am experience challenges to find tasks by its "Multi Values" Property, can you please help?
Does YouTrack support search tasks that has multiple properties? Or there is better / alternative way to manage tasks.

I have read the help link below but could not find the answer

Scenario A)
1) I have a field Product with type "ownedField[*]" - which has values of "ProductA, ProductB, productC".
2) I have a task created that is assigned with "ProductA, ProductC"

I want to search for tasks that has BOTH "ProductA, ProductC" values.
What command should I use?
  • I have tried "Product: ProductA, ProductC"  - but it returns all tickets under "Prodcut A", and "ProductC"
  • I can do "Product: -ProductB" - but this query will require update if we add more values "ProductD,E..."
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Hello, unfortunatelly logical AND is not working yet.
You can vote this request:

In your case as a workaround I can suggest you next:
1) Create Saved Search "ProjectsAC_TMP" (for instance) with next content:
  • ProductA OR -ProductC
2) Create another Saved Search "ProjectsAC"
  • ProjectsAC_TMP

Now you can find issues that contains both ProjectA and ProjectC using ProjectsAC in search string

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