Why reporter can edit his own created issue and add watchers?


Currently we testing incloud version with our local imported youtrack database. The Reporter role has only this settings checked:

  • Read Issue
  • Create Issue
  • Add Attachment
  • Create Comment
  • Read Comment

User with only reporter role can open his own created issue and edit public fields such as Status, Assignee and add/update Watchers. But that user can not do same with issues reported by other users. Is this bug or a feature? How can we disallow user to edit his own issues?
Hi Alexandr,
You should make these fields private and give reporters the rights only to read them. Read more in our documentation.
But then user will not be just "reporter" and take 1 user licence (not reporter licence) in inCloud version according to this doc.

Thanks anyway.
Is there any posibility to save user's Reporter status (for licence) and disable to edit his own issues and add watchers?
Hi Sergey,

I'd like to reach following reporter behavior.

The reporter should create issue only once. Then there should be no
possibility to change posted issue by reporter.

Is it possible in current version of youtrack?


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Hello, Alexander,

Unfortunately, now it's impossible, but I can offer synthetic way:
1. Create special project for Reporters group(grand him reports permission for this project).
2. For another project, if you want, you can assign him Observer permission.
3. Create workflow, like:
rule moveReportersIssues 

 when issue.becomesReported() { 
  if (issue.reporter.isInGroup("Reporters")) { //only for users, who is in group "Reporters"
    var project_id = "";     
    project_id = issue.summary.split("\\.", opts)[0]; //get projectID
    if (project_id != "") { 
      issue.applyCommand("move to " + project_id); 
    } else { 
      issue.applyCommand("move to %default_project_id%"); 

4. Attach workflow to the project for reporters.
5. After that, if reporter create new issue - it'll be automatic move to another project (depending on summary prefix). Reporter won't be able to update moved issue.

Mikhail Kapusta

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