How to bulk add issues?

After planning we usually have to add a lot of issues at once. What is the most efficient way to do that?

Right now I use alt+insert -> enter text -> ctrl+enter -> repeat. And then use commands to edit all features at once.

Is there a better way? Like set assignee, fix version, etc. for all new issues and then just enter text using 'enter' to separate issues?
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Hello Roman,
For now this scenario is not covered. Here's the respective (or similar) request: JT-6895. Please feel free to vote for it to get it implemented faster.
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Just a couple hints:
  1. on agile board process on creating new tasks(issues) seems more simple;
  2. if you have to always set the same Fix Version, Assignee etc. to new issues you can choose them as default values for project in administration;
  3. you can use Ctrl+Alt+K shortcut to repeat last command;
  4. by the cutomizable workflow (using loggedInUser.createNewIssue("project_name") construction) you can create unlimited amount of issues with predefined fields at the moment.
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I agree a bulk add feature would be very nice. 


However, you can use this trick to make issue creation faster. 

1. Start an issue draft and set up the fields how you want them for all the issues your going to add.

2. There's a link called "Generate issue template URL" at the bottom, which will generate the URL for creating a new draft with those fields filled in.

3. Copy that URL into a bookmark in your bookmarks bar.

4. Just hit that bookmark button every time you want to create a new issue... you just have to write or paste the data that is different for each issue.

Hope that helps a bit.


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