Introducing YouTracker IOS app

Hello Everybody!

Since the start of the year I'm using YouTrack and TeamCity on the job. We have completely overhauled our internal process to work with these two applications and up until today it's still the best direction we could have taken. So grats on the great products!

That being said, I'm an iPhone/iPad user and was abit disappointed that no apps were available for IOS.
This inspired me to make a YouTrack IOS app myself.

A few months further after much work I can say that the first version is available on the app store (with an iPad version currently in review).
The app currently supports these features:

  • Listing all the issues with details
  • Use filters that users can type in the searchbar
  • Use all the saved searches for a user
  • View attachments list and view some specific attachment types in app (txt files, image files and pdf files)
  • Add new image attachments from the picture library / with the camera
  • View, add and remove comments
  • Update any of the custom fields
  • Use an expanded view (similar to the web interface) which gives the user the option to immediatly show important fields
  • Show custom field coloring

This is what the first version can do. Work has already been done for a next version which includes landscape orientation.

Since I have put much effort in creating a robust application and creating an iPad app, I haven't been able to setup a decent web page for the app, I have created a Facebook page which I currently use to communicate with any users that want to stay in touch. I'm also planning to open up a YouTrack in Cloud for user to register any bugs/feature requests.

I thought I would let you guys know that there is now also an IOS option available for YouTrack.

Just amazing. Have no other words.
If you need some additional REST API to enhance app functionality - you are welcome.
Hi Vadim,

Glad that you like it!
There are indeed some things that I had in mind (e.g. guest account), maybe I could bundle some things and send them to you?
vadim.gurov at
YouTracker is now updated to 1.1.0

The update adds some extra functionality to the app:
  • > Linked issues
  • > Issue history
  • > Custom field order preserving
  • > Custom field update support for integer, string and date types
  • > Landscape orientation
  • > ui and bugfixes

There is also an iPad app available which has the same functionality as the iPhone/iPod touch version

Version 1.2.0 is already in development and will add support for multiple hosts/user accounts, intellisense for searches, a more user friendly setup and more.
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i've just updated YouTracker i tried to start the app with no success. The same situation was before the last update.

Hi Alexander,

Could you supply me with some more information what the app is doing? Which message is being displayed?
If there is no message showing up you can always try to refresh by double tapping the tab icon.
Also make sure you input the host as you would browse to the youtrack url (no /rest or /dashboard or /login) behind it.
You can e-mail me at youtrack.ios at gemail dot com if you like.

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Refresh helps, thank you.
No problem, glad it's resolved.

I've noticed the app isn't always that helpful when something goes wrong with the connection. I'm working hard on 1.2.0 to give proper feedback when and what is going wrong.
The newest verison of YouTracker is now available.

YouTracker 1.2.0 will now support multiple hosts / accounts and you will be able to quickly swap between them.
Settings have been moved to be in-app, no more need to leave the app to adjust anything.
The search helper has been added. This unlocks intellisense in the search bar, which will make you type your queries much faster (only for YouTrack 4.x or higher)
The app structure has been completely redone to give much better feedback when hosts are unreachable or a login has failed.
I also added "shake for help". If you need any information about a screen, just shake your device. A popup will be shown with full information about that screen.

Other improvements have been added like:
  • A counter on the issue list
  • An asterisk sign (*) to show when a filter is currently active
  • Feedback for unsupported functionality by a lower YouTrack version
  • Better keyboard handling (no more fields getting stuck behind the keyboard)
  • other improvements and fixes

Have fun! :)
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thanks for the update. Is it possible do not reload issues after switch between Project/Settings and YouTrack issue screens if nothing has been changed?

Hi Alexander,

Good point.
A refresh is automatically triggered when the list appears to make sure there is no outdated data.
I suppose a "silent" refresh would be better then. This is the refresh that happens when you return from an issue detail. No animation, no loss of position but the list is still refreshed when returning from another tab without changes. Would this be a solution?

I found a bug in the deleting of a host and added alphabetical sorting for hosts so I will be uploading a 1.2.1 fix tonight, I could add this improvement as well. This would be available in about a week then (hopefully before apple starts it's holiday period).
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It would be great!
Your suggestion has been added to the 1.2.1 version and is now in approval phase. It should be available in about 6-7 days (if it makes the approval before their holiday period, december 20th).

Thanks for the suggestion! :)
The 1.2.1 version is now available which includes a fix to the loading issue you pointed out Alexander.

The 1.2.1 iPad version is now also available and includes the same feature list than the iPhone version.

Have fun with em :)

I also opened a youtrack in cloud to post any issues with he app.

I wanted to let you know that YouTracker 1.3.0 is in final stages of beta. I'll shed some light on the new features:

  • Support for multiple projects: You can now select all the projects you want. The issue list and its expanded view will update accordingly. Creating an new issue can be done for any of the active projects.
  • Support for Time Tracking: The new feature in YouTrack 4.1 is now supported by the app. When you configure Time Tracking in the app (which is linking the "Estimate" and "Spent time" fields) you will be able to track spent time for each issue in the form of a progress bar on the issue detail and issue list.
You will also be able to add time to an issue with some comment.
  • Notification system: A notification system has been added that keeps you informed with small messages. Also when updating/creating/adding things with the YouTracker, it will now show you any messages that YouTrack returns (like when you don't have rights to update a field etc.).
  • Fancy loading screens: I just had to mention this :) the app will now show decent loading screens and shouldn't give you the "freeze" look anymore.
  • Hosts will remember projects: If you swap hosts alot you will like this. YouTracker now remember which projects you used for each host and will reload them automatically.
  • Support for 2 new custom field types: Float (like integer but with a "," keypad) and Period (with a new picker designed for entering period).
  • Many UI improvements and UI fixes have been done. I spent some extra time on making the app feel more polished.
  • iPhone 5 is supported again (seems there was a bug in the UI).

If you don't like a big wall of text I suggest you check the facebook page of YouTracker. I have just updated it with a whole bunch of screenshots of the 1.3.0 beta. These aren't final yet but they should give you a good idea of the new stuff. Check the albums in the photos section for a good order in the screenshots.

Note that this version will only be released for iPhone (available in App Store by the end of next week if all goes well). The development on the iPad version will start next week and I have no estimate for it (yet).

If you find any bugs or have suggestions, you can always post them on the YouTrack in Cloud: or email me at youtracker dot ios at gmail dot com

I hope you like it!
The new version is now available in the app store.
iPad version is in development and should be available in the app store in about 2-3 weeks if all goes well.

Have fun with the new version and it's features.
If there are any issues/suggestions feel free to post them on or mail me at youtracker.ios at gmail dot com
Now that version 1.3.0 got released, I would also like to add that I am still looking for some beta testers.

YouTrack can be setup in many ways (custom field types, workflows, statemachines, colors, etc ...). While I strive to test each possible case, I'm sure I'm missing many use cases in the process.
So if anyone feels like beta testing the app, feel free to e-mail me. I'll list some pro's and con's so you know what you get yourself into. :)

  • you have access to new functionality much sooner than available in the app store
  • if you test on your local system you can be sure that no bugs for your specific setup will slip trough the beta (unless they weren't found of course)
  • get insight in the new features on the internal roadmap, add your own suggestions for new features and be the first to test them

  • you can only have 1 app on your device, so if you install the beta you cannot use the stable release version
  • the app in beta phase may have bugs that prevent you from your usual routine (although if they are limiting you, nothing prevents you from uninstalling the beta and re-downloading the stable version from the app store).

How this works:
You send an email to youtracker.ios at gmail dot com and provide me with as much info as possible:
  • what kind of device(s) are you testing on
  • testing regular, HD or both versions
  • which version of YouTrack are you running, is it in cloud?
  • are you running a standard setup, or is it higly customized? (workflow, statemachines, ...)

Further details will be in the reply e-mail.

Please note that I'm looking for BETA testers, that means that by the time the app is in beta phase, you shouldn't encounter breaking bugs (or it would still be in alpha phase). While unlikely to encounter such bugs, a beta is beta, it's always possible.
You can always step out from being a beta tester whenever you want, no hard feelings.

So if you are interested in making this app as stable as it can get, e-mail me!

Kind regards
Hi everybody,

Just popping in to let you know that the new version of YouTracker is available for iPhone (iPad is estimated in about 2 to 3 weeks)

New feature this time is the Agile Board.
The agile board can be configured similar to YouTrack. You can define which field will be shown as column and how many. You can filter on any of your sprints and you can pick a field in which the cards' color should be based on.

Swimlanes aren't supported yet.

I have also added an error message if a user entered a wrong base URL setting in YouTrack. This seemed to be happening for a lot of users.

If you have any bugs or suggestions, feel free to post them at
You can follow me at @YouTracker_IOS or to stay updated with the latest news regarding the app.
Hi everybody,

Version 1.4.2 is now available for both iPhone and iPad.
This version includes the agile board setup.

Version 1.5.0 is nearing the end of it's beta testing and will add these new features:
  • Swimlane support for agile board
  • Quick links: you can use a special kind of link (youtracker://?ID-12) to launch the app and immediately see details about that issue. This link can be added to your e-mail (and other) notification so you can quickly see issues straight from your mailbox. (I will supply a piece of template that you can add to easily setup your e-mails to include this link).
  • Notification customization: you can now show notifications from the bottom rather than the top (so it doesn't overlap the top row in most screens).
  • New project preferences: you can now disable drag and drop for the agile board, you can change the font size of the issue summary in the project list

Other improvements and noticeable bug fixes include:
  • Issue detail lost the 'Extra' button, the functionality is now shown in the detail itself
  • Issue history is showing newest additions on top (so you don't need to scroll trough a huge list of history)
  • Saving an active host no longer causes the app to 'freeze' during the check
  • Fixed a bug in iOS 6 that caused empty pickers to crash the app
  • Other 'under the hood' bug fixes have been added

iPad 1.5.0 version is now in development and will be released in about 2-3 weeks if all goes right.

As always, if you have any suggestions feel free to post them at
You can follow me at @YouTracker_IOS on twitter or on facebook to stay updated with the latest news.

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