Detailed documentation for importing data from CSV.

Hi all,

Is there is any detailed documentation other than ( for the importing of data from CSV files, which describes the format and structure of the CSV files that need to be used, and the steps to edit the mapping files in order to get issues in youtrack in a desired way.

For example:
Can any one let me know how do we add links(like "Parent for", "Subtask of") to features/tasks in youtrack when you import data from CSV files?

Thank you.
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In order to import data from csv file you need create mapping file.
The mapping file contains two main sections: FIELD_NAMES and  FIELD_TYPES.
The first one binds columns names from csv file to YouTrack fields names.
For example, if your csv file contains field with name Field1 and you wish bind it to YouTrack filed with name YTField1 you should create mapping "Field1" : "YTField1".
And the second one is used to define field type. For example, we can define mapping "YTFiled1" : "date".

What about issue links. Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented at the moment.
If you want you can create request here

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