Team members capacity when sprint planning

Hello, guys!

i'm a starter user of YouTrack and I have a problem that I can't see each team member capacity and current sprint hours of tasks on him/her.

So for example I have a sprint and have 5 members in server development team and I want to distribute load evenly among them. Would be great to have some kind of diagram showing it on agile board.

I tried to use time report, but it doesn't work unless you first post 0 hours spent on task, tasks with no spent hours simply doesn't appear in this report.

And time report is good but it takes time to generate it and you have to go from one browser tab to another and change assignes of tasks, generate report again to see the change.

Is this kind of feature is planned in near future?

Guys, i just wonder, nobody at all need this functionality? Can anyone tell me how you do it in your teams?
Hello Leonid,

Sorry for the delay.

Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in the "Agile board" for now.
As you've said "Time report" allows you to make a report where tasks assigned to each member of your team can be displayed. Yes, actually one of the parameters in "Time report" is "spent time",that's why you need to post spent time in each task. I would like to suggest you to import your time report to CSV, in this case you don't need to switch between tabs in browser.

We have also created the related feature request in our issue tracker, you are welcom to vote and leave comments

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding "Time report" or others.

Thank you.
I was just looking for the same feature and came across this forum page. I would argue that the feature request linked to does not help this use case (unless I am misunderstanding it entirely). For a lot of people (and built into some competitor's software) the ability to set a capacity at the beginning of a Sprint and make sure that tasks do not exceed that capacity is quite essential to planning.

For example, in the regular case I would expect each developer to set their own capacity as 80 for a 2-week sprint. But if I have a developer who is going to be away for 3 days out of that sprint, I don't want them to sign themselves up for more than 56 hours max.

Anyway, I think that this would be a great feature to add into YouTrack.
+1 Agile software without capacity planning is just strange.
+1 !!

The issue referenced above is completely irrelevant!
Capacity planning versus burndown per assignee are two very different things.
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Thanks for the info, I didn't know.

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Just FYI (offtopic), in YouTrack you can add a +1 comment and it'll be
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+1 We have started to evaluate YouTrack and this is an obstacle for us to switch to YouTrack:/
We've just committed to implementing YouTrack and only now are realizing there is no capacity!

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