is it possible to change incloud url (Your Account Overview -> YouTrack InCloud -> URL) ?

There are a couple searches that I would like to perform in youtrack and am not sure if they are already available.
1. Is there a way to search for items that at one point in time were assigned to me?
2. Is there a way to search for items that I changed the state on the issue (most likely ones that I have closed)?

Issues can change assignee based on what state they are in (if an issue needs testing then a tester may take ownership of the issue) and the initial developer would like to find items that they worked on.
  • Steve
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Hello Alex,

You cannot change the name of your instance (e.g. It's implossible to change "example" part).
However, you can make an alias for your YouTrack instance URL (e.g. http://domainname/youtrack).

Could you please describe your use-case.

Thank you.
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I also want to change the URL, as it contains the name of a project. But we will use youtrack for more than one project and I want to switch to a more generic URL.


Is this possible?



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Hi Thomas, unfortunately renaming your InCloud instance is not possible still, so you have two options:

1) register a new instance, then submit a request into our support system, provide confirmation letters from administrators of both instances, and ask us to migrate your data from one instance to another.

2) set up a custom domain name: 

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I'm sorry,

I'm new to youtrack. I reeallly love this tool and the company behind it, however, if find the documentation confusing and difficult to understand. Reading  Domain Settings  but the information seems very sparse. Exactly what is meant in step 2 where it says:

"Provide the CNAME record for your YouTrack InCloud instance .. "  ?


I'm familiar with creating DNS records but where is this record accessed? At my registrar? At my youtrack cloud instance? And what CNAME record is it? In other words, if the record in question is at my registrar account then I'm putting the current youtrack instance url into it  (eg: something like.. ??) into the record right? And if the record is accessed in my youtrack instance then I would be entering my registered domain, right? If this is not correct please correct me.


I also wanted to know if a subdomain of my registered domain can be used. If my domain is then is it possible to use for a custom domain in youtrack? Where / how can I get the kind of detailed information I need to grep this?


Thanks in advance for any help.





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Hello Jake!

We'll provide more information in the documentation, sorry if there was any confusion.

In your DNS registrar, you need to add a CNAME record to your custom domain that points to the base URL of your YouTrack InCloud instance.

> I also wanted to know if a subdomain of my registered domain can be used.

Sure, you can use a subdomain. As long as the Base URL includes the /youtrack path, you're fine.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.

P.S. Sorry, I had to edit my comment, I didn't grasp your question at first, my apologies.

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Thank you for the feedback about how the question is written. It has been a consideration  in the past that I'm trying to improve. I appreciate the clarification on the instructions as well. have a wonderful rest of your week.



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