TeamCity integration and wrong "Fixed in build"

I have 2 projects (GS and SI) in single repo, teamcity and youtrack.
In TeamCity settings I set Project IDs as "GS SI"
In YouTrack "Teamcity integration" I set teamcity configuration "SI-Release" for project SI and "GS-Release" for project GS.

Well, I fix bug in SI project, I set State Fixed in YouTrack and write url to issue in VCS comment.  Then I build "GS-Release", and what I see? there is _GS_ project version in _SI_ issue in field "Fixed in build".

What do I make wrong??
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Hi Eugine,
I appologize for not responding earlier.
This looks like a bug, so I'd ask you to provide some further details. Do I get it right that you have two TeamCity projects? How many integration mappings do you have?

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Do I get it right that you have two TeamCity projects?

More. But intergration is enabled for two projects only.
How many integration mappings do you have?

Well, there was simplified description in start post.

  Project: GrandSmeta
    Configuration: Client - Release
    Configuration: Client - Debug
    Configuration: Client - Beta
    .... other configurations...
  Project: StroyInfo
    Configuration: Local - Debug
    Configuration: Local - Release
    Configuration: Network - Release
    .... other configurations...
  ... other projects ...

  Integrations\Issue Tracker\Project Ids: GS SI

  Project: GrandSmeta(GS)
  Project: StroyInfo(SI)
  ... other projects ...
  TeamCity intergration\Mappings:
    YouTrack Project  TeamCity Build Configuration

    GrandSmeta        GrandSmeta :: Client - Debug
    GrandSmeta        GrandSmeta :: Client - Beta
    GrandSmeta        GrandSmeta :: Client - Release
    StroyInfo         StroyInfo :: Local - Release
    StroyInfo         StroyInfo :: Network - Release
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Thank you for the ellaboration. We need to investiate the bug and I'll be grateful if you could provide us with your database (by default found at %user_home%/teamsysdata). In case you find it acceptable, please upload the DB to our FTP: The resource is write-only from outside JetBrains network.
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Well, boss has said what I have to remove all issue captions and descriptions. If you have script to do this, I can run it on my database and upload one to your ftp today/tomorrow
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Ha!!! YouTrack keep history of changes! So caption changing is pointlessly
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ok, your point is quite clear and undestandable. I'll have to keep asking you some questions related to your environment/settings then.

Could this be the case that you have some workflow attached to SI project that can move an issue to other projects?
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I dont use any custom workflows, all by default.
it may be important, almost all issues were converted from trac.
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And one more thing
TeamCity and YouTrack are running on single instance o Tomcat

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