Show total estimation for swimlanes in Agile Board

I'm using Agile Board a lot and one thing I am missing so far is to better get a feel of the size of stories/swimlanes. Since our sprints span 1 month and tend to be large, we usually collapse all swimlanes we are not currently working on to get a better overview.
A simple total estimation at the start or end of the swimlane title would help a lot. Some custom coloring, different font size or icons could also be useful.

What are your thoughts?
Hello Andreas,

Your use case is rather clear. That's the nice suggestion.
This feature request had already posted by other user , you are welcome to vote and leave comments.

Thank you and feel free to contact us if need help.
I failed to find that post, thanks. I've copied my suggestion over there
and voted. You can close this post.

Yes, sure.

You are welcome!

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