How to sort in the same way that agile board sorts?

I have sorted my features on the agile board in order of priority to implement.

However, the backlog saved search (default) does not sort in the same way and thus, when I expand the backlog from the sprint view (while trying to allocate features/tasks for the current sprint), the ordering is "random".

I tried modifying the backlog saved search to sort by a field but it looks like this information is not encoded in any of the fields.

How can I maintain the agile board sorting in a saved search?
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Hello Georgios,

Make your Backlog saved search sorted by: Priority, Pin this search to yourself and check it again. You can always verify it from your Agile board Backlog clicking by saved search link at the top of the Backlog form. After that, verify the query in secrh bar by clicking the arrow in bar. If you need to update the search, just edit the query.

Thank you.

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