I'm having a problem for starting youtrack service on my own linux.

Hi, I'm using this method : Sample Installation Procedure to Run YouTrack JAR as a Service on Linux

but when i try 'service youtrack start' I get:

Starting youtrack...
"/home/youtrack/standalone/bin/wrapper" "/home/youtrack/standalone/conf/wrapper.conf" wrapper.syslog.ident=youtrack wrapper.pidfile="/home/youtrack/standalone//youtrack.pid" wrapper.daemonize=TRUE
/etc/rc.d/init.d/youtrack: line 417: /home/youtrack/standalone/bin/wrapper: cannot execute binary file
I solved this issue by installing proper version of tanuki.

Now I'm in next step.

So, thx guys.
I couldn't start up youtrack service until now..

How can I resolve this issue : "java.io.IOException: No space left on device"

Which directory shuold I make space bigger?
If you don't mind me asking what version did you download?

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