Test Management Integration with Zephyr Community Edition?

YouTrack currently integrates with TestRails and TestLink; however, TestRails does not provide a free edition for startups like YouTrack does, and although TestLink is open source, it does not seem as polished as TestRails or YouTrack.

I think Zephyr Community Edition might be a viable alternative for startups, but it currently does not integrate with YouTrack. Would JetBrains ever consider adding support for Zephyr in YouTrack?

If not, how difficult would it be for someone to use the YouTrack and Zephyr APIs to provide integration?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Rudolf,

By default, we support integration with the most popular tools. We plan to provide integration support for more test managemant tools in future.
I've created a feature request http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-20195 , you are welcome to leave comments and votes. We need to research how many users need this feature first.

Thank you.
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Thanks for the response! I will follow your advice and up-vote the feature request.

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