grouping search parameters?


i'm wondering if i can somehow group search parameters?
for example:

i want to get all issues that have state #Unresolved AND ( Due Date: {No due date} OR #Unassigned )

when i try this query
#Unresolved Due Date: {No due date} or #Unassigned

it works like:
( #Unresolved Due Date: {No due date} ) or #Unassigned

so the question is, can i group expressions to control order?
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Please, vote for feature request and several realted tasks.

As a rough workaround, you can use De Morgan's laws ,'s_laws .
So, speaking of YouTrack searches, you need to do the following:

1. Create First Saved Search  "-Unresolved"
2. Create Second Saved Search "-Unassigned"
3. Create Third Saved Search "#{First} , #{Second}"
4. Create Fourth Saved Search "-{Third}"

I've described an example of how does logic work here. So you are welcome to modify it regarding your goals.

Thank you.
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Andrey, thanks a lot.

Thats pretty cool workaround with De Morgan's laws.

If anyone will need something what i wanted:

I used this one De Morgan's law:
not (P or Q) = (not P) and (not Q)

So my (P) is #Unresolved and my (Q) is (#Unassigned OR Due Date: {No due date})

So what i did:
  1. create filter not Unresolved, with query: -Unresolved - thats gonna be (P)
  2. create filter Unassigned OR No Due Date, with query: #Unassigned or Due Date: {No due date}
  3. create filter not (Unassigned OR No Due Date), with query: -{Unassigned or No Due Date} - thats gonna be (Q)
  4. now lets make (P or Q) filter ((not Unresolved) OR (not (Unassigned OR No Due Date)), with query #{not Unresolved} or #{not (Unassigned or No Due Date)}
  5. finally let's make filter, that will return our Unresolved AND (No Due Date OR Unassigned), with query -{((not Unresolved) OR (not (Unassigned OR No Due Date))}

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Ah, I found a more easy way to do that:

1. Create search Unassigned OR No Due Date, with query #Unassigned or Due Date: {No due date}
2. Create new search Unresolved AND (Unassigned OR No Due Date), with query #Unresolved #{Unassigned OR No Due Date}

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