Mailbox Integration - Is this really how it works?


I am evaluating YouTrack as a replacement for another ticketing system.  I am stuck on one thing, otherwise it looks great.

Our current ticketing system allows the user to email it directly and have a ticket created (or if the email contains the ticket number, a comment is appended).  The email address directly maps to ticket queues (or projects).  For example,, etc.  It is really simple.

I've been trying to replicate this in YouTrack but it seems the only way it is achievable is via Email Integration - is that right?

So, this is what I understand I would need to do:
1) Create my own mailbox which can be monitored periodically by YouTrack, for example,  I understand I can create multiple mailboxes but that incurs a cost.
2) Create rules in the mailbox which put support issues into 'queue' folders (for example, customer_a, customer_b folder etc).  I understand this can be done in YouTrack via REG-EX but I think it is easier via mailbox rules.
3) In YouTrack, create a mailbox rule pointing to the above mailbox.
4) In YouTrack, create a rule for managing what happens when the mailbox is read.  In this case I want to associate the folders (for example, customer_a, customer_b folder etc) with YouTrack projects so that each email is created in the associated project.
5) Set up a schedule for checking the mailbox.

I'm hoping someone can tell me there is an easier way...

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Hi Trudi,

That's a great feature you've described. But we have not included IMAP server for mailbox integration in our default package. So that means that, you are correct- all that functionality can be configured on your own mailbox and in the manner, you've described above. Unfortunately, more easy way is not available now. I believe, that steps to configure this in YouTrack cannot be so annoying as you need to configure this only once.
Anyways, that's really  interesting feature request and we'll discuss it. Thank you!
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OK, thanks for verifying my understanding.  Hopefully YouTrack can be enhanced to support this in the future.  :-)

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