How to setup Swimlanes by Assignee?

HI - I may be missing something, but I thought that Swimlanes were meant to be more configurable in version 5.0, but I still can't see how to set this up per assignee, so that I can more clearly see what each person is working on and their progress - any tips? Thanks
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We have no option to configure swimlanes with the Assignee attribute. It's possible to configure Agile board with Type and Subsystem attributes.
It's better to track users' performance searching issues with the query like:
Assignee: <username> #{In Progress}

Assignee as an attribute is discussed under the root feature request . Currently, we investige this availability and I hope it'll be implemented in future releases.

Thank you.
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Thanks for the information Andrey, hope this feature will be implemented in a future release.

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