YouTrack Agile Board: How to enforce WIP max. limit? (Kanban)


I need the function that the max. WIP limit on the Agile Board should be enforced. If the max. WIP limit is reached, no more items should be dragable into the column.

How can I configure this? Maybe via the Workflow Editor? I couldn't find a method for "WIP max. Limit" or something like this.

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Hello Solar Man,

Your case is clear, but I should say that currently it's impossible. Workflow cannot affect Agile board attributes.
The only way it can be implemened is to utilise a search output, for example, for all issues In progress on this sprint, but it's not implemented at this time, too. We plan to accomplish this in future.

Thank you.
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Is this still the case? Has there been any additional support for enforcing WIP limits?

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