What is a subsystem for?

So I've searched everywhere on the Jetbrains site and youtrack documentation, but I've not found anywhere that actually describes what the type of subsystem should be used for.  How does it actually change how an issue behaves? Or is it just a field to specify smaller sections of a project?  

Can subsystems be a project?
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Hello Nick,

Actually it's used to specify a particular project area/section. Subsystem can be owned by a developer who is responsible for the development of this section.
We have a workflow called 'jetbrains-youtrack-subsystemAssignee' which sets owner of the subsystem as assignee of the issue, when a particular subsystem is chosen. This process helps you to refer issues to a target developer easier and faster.

If you're still missing something, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help.

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