Hello Omickron,

Please, provide us with the use case. In general it's not possible, but maybe we can find the way without changing the reporter of an issue.

Thank you.
My use case is very simple. I've imported issues from Trac. In Trac there was user "user1", but in target YouTrack there wasn't such user and "user1" was created in YouTrack.
I want to delete this user, but he has tickets and can't be deleted. So I want to move his tickets to other user, but I can't :(

It'll be very useful to change ticket's reporters for removing users.
But I think, it should be special permission for this operation.

What do you think, Andrey?
Hi Omickron,

The case is clear. Please, merge users. Under Administration-> Users-> choose target user and click Merge-> choose 'user1'. After that, target user will inherit issues from 'user1', and 'user1' will be removed.

Thank you.
Oh, thank you, Andrey! It worked!
Dear Andrey,
I have another scenarios, when I would like to have the possibility to change the reporter (creator):

  1. I have two account and I accidentally reported issue under "wrong" account
  2. In Mailbox integration, there is (for some reasons) "Always set Admin as reported" selected

In both cases I sometimes need to forward the "ownership" of the issue to another (existing) user.

Thank you for help.

Best Regards,
Vaclav Dobsicek

I am using an API integration to create issues. The API function receives an email, and creates a new issue for the user associated with that email, but the API function does not run as that user.

How can I change the issue reporter to the user who sent the email?

[UPDATE: I see now that if I have project admin permissions, I can set the issue reporter in the API when I create the issue. That's exactly what I need.]


In my case there is a sutiation when a lot of issues became created by “Deleted User”.

How can I change Creator to an existing user?


The "Deleted User" label is shown when the issue was reported by some user that was removed from YouTrack, and a guest user was selected for the replacement. Please refer to this documentation: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/server/Delete-User-Accounts.html#replacement-user. Instead of deleting a user, you can ban (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/server/Ban-User-Accounts.html) it or merge (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/server/Merge-User-Accounts.html) it into another user.

As for changing the reporter, I'm afraid, it is not possible.

Dear Youtrack Support,

We have often a situation where an initial issue creator / reporter wants to give an “ownership” of the issue to another user. In this case we would like to user to be able to change the creator / reporter. 
Please advise how to do it (the field is obviously not editable in GUI).




bbv Software Services AG  it is still not possible to change reporters anyhow.


Dear Alisa,

Thank You for the answer.

Still I can not imagine, that we are the only company having the problem.

When Youtrack is used for Helpdesk issues, the situation where a Helpdesk agent has to be able to create an issue in behalf of a calling customer, happens quite often. 

And we use Youtrack mainly for our Helpdesk.

I have tried already with custom user field and implementing a workflow that would take the value of that field and set Reporter (created by). 

I couldn’t find any solution.

Please advise.




We have already discussed this question in your support ticket, but I'll post my answer here as well in case anybody will be looking for the answer.

For Helpdesk projects, we have recently introduced the possibility to create tickets on behalf of other users, please refer to this documentation.


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