Workflow editor - text selections + copy/paste


Does the workflow editor has the possibility to modify the text without constraints, like in notepad?
For instance, I want to cut or copy something to another line or change a sequence of events.
Now I can't make selections, but I can choose cut and paste, which seems useless.

Use the keyboard.  Put the cursor at the beginning, hold down shift and press the right arrow repeatedly until it selects the chunk that you want to cut.
Thx, I didn't try that.

Is there a way to paste (multiline) text that isn't copied in the editor?
For instance I want to prepare a script in Notepad of want to copy a part of a script from the Workflow repository. When I paste it in the editor, it converts the line breaks to \n and the pasted text is treated as text, it doesn't convert to "code".

For example: rule watch if lots of votes\n \nwhen votes == 10 {\n project.leader.watchIssue(issue);\n}

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