Can Youtrack resend notification in case SMTP server is down?

In case the SMTP Server is down, or being rebooted or some intermittent error, Youtrack doesn't seem to be re-sending notifications to users. Is there a way to set it up and I'm missing it? As far as I can see it only records the fact in the log and that's it. Not even a notice to admin.

There is a number of error messages that could happen and we don't want users to miss notifications only because of a temporary glitch. Email protocols are actually supposed to re-deliver message several times in case of failures.
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Hello Michael,

Use case is understandable, but the problem is unfortunately on users' side. Notifications resending implementation is scheduled for further releases.
Currently, you may take a look at YouTrack logs (in case you have Stand-alone)to check if there are problems with sending notifications, we have this information in logs.
In case of InCloud instance, you are welcome to contact us, if you feel that something goes wrong, we'll detect the cause of the problem.

Thank you.
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Thanks for the reply, Andrey. I really hope it is not going to be delayed for another couple of years. A system that positions itself as help desk solution should have absolutely reliable mail delivery system. If mail server is down, it would take some time to notice it, you understand. Imagine how difficult it'd be if we'll have to go through trying to find and re-comment tens of emails that were not sent? All manual work.

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