Can't add a reporter in the in-cloud version of YouTrack?

Per our license we are supposed to be able to create 50 reporters.

YouTrack Site: xxxxxxx.myjetbrains.com
Usage Capacity:
10 users
50 reporters

I have looked at the docs but for the life of me can't figure out how to use the 50 reporter licenses? When I click on add user it only wants to add regular users but not reporters.

I have been communicating with support who seem to not know how to resolve this issue. The permissions for the reporter role in my account are correctly setup:

  • Create, Read and link issues
  • Add attachments to issue
  • Create and Read issues' comments
  • Edit and Remove their own comments
  • Read and Update their own profile

When I click on Add user in the Reporter role related options on Groups page, it shows only normal users to select from.

I have had this issue for months, it appears the new licensing plan has changed to not include reporters. But I am on the old plan that included reporters licenses. How can I use them? Very frustrating.


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