Time Tracking: How can I get a time report like "User XYZ worked yesterday n hours"?


we use Time Tracking in YouTrack and everybody logs spent time.

Now we want to get time reports (or something like this) to see in one project, who has worked how long eg. yesterday, today or last month.

And we want a report, how much time was spent on which tickets last month (for billing reasons).

I tried some variants, but the calculated time reports were not correct because YouTrack added times from other users if they only changed something on the ticket (eg. changed the assignee).

I could not find any usable manual or guide which describes time reports in YouTrack.

Can somebody help me please?

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Hello Thorsten,

To achieve the goal you may create a Time report with
Context: project, query or leave Everything
Query: Assignee: <user name>
choose time period from 10.11.2013 to 11.11.2013 (in case you need to create a report for yesterday user's activity).

Let me know if have any further questions.
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That does only work, if the assignee is the only user who adds spent times.
If another user (eg. a tester) adds time, this time is added to the summary. See attached screenshots.

This is the ticket, two users added spent time, the ticket is assigned to "Su":

This is the time report for "assignee:su":

Now, how can I get a correct time report which only includes times of one user?

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The use case is clear, but unfortunately, we don't support search by work items.
We have a popular feature and I see you've already commented it.
Currently, you may try to run into a process where each issue assigned to a user may be logged only by an assignee person. The process may require dividing tasks into a smaller and smaller target tasks so each user will be assigned to its own task and will be able to log work items in it.

Thank you.
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Hi there,

Is this still impossible or it has been resolved after almost 4 years?




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Hello John, the feature https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-17476 is already released, but there is an important detail. If you'd like to have a time report and get all issues where, say, user A has reported time, you can't filter out those work items that were reported for the same issues by other users. We're going to implement this additional filtering very soon (working on it right now, should be available within a couple of months): https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-41138

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Thanks for the reply I'll be checking the progress on the mentioned issue. Cheers,Jan


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