Permissions hell?

I've seen a lot of bug tracking systems start and mature in my career.  They start with the same "why does it have to be so COMPLICATED?!" mandate, then the complication creeps in.  Jira used to be really simple.  Not kidding.

We have multiple projects.  I want to add people to them, and let them work in the project.  I also want to use the agile board.

The current frustration is as follows.  Nobody can edit anybody else's issues.  In some projects they can, in some they can't.  After a good 20 minutes clicking around in root, I found the user's permissions view, and I see some projects have the necessary permissions, and others don't.  I very vaguely remember some weird page I need to get to in order to edit that, but I have absolutely no idea where it is, and after another 30 minutes or so of circular clicking, I gave up.

I think you need version of navigation that 90%+ of your users will want, then the rest of the detail for everybody else.  Its a pretty useless system if the users can't actually edit anything, unless they yell over the desks and ask the issue creator to edit the issue.

The second problem is the agile board.  Every time I create a new project, its another 10-15 minutes of clicking around to figure out how to turn the agile board on again.  The agile board is the main reason we use the tool.  When everything is working, I love it.  I recommend YouTrack like, "yeah, love it, except on our current project we can't get the agile board working, and the users can't edit each other's issues, but on the OTHER project, its great".

So, anyway.  Sort of a question, sort of a 4am gripe/suggestion.  How can I let users edit tasks on a project, and can you add a dummy page?  Preferably with a "turn on agile board" button, and a "pretend everybody on the project isn't trying to break everything" button?  Maybe a way to copy all settings from another project when you create a new one?  Its probably there, but I call UX on that one, because I've never noticed it.

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I figured it out.  I've figured this out previously, but it seems like I need to relearn this on every project.  Hopefully we have many new projects, so it won't be so long that I forget again.

For those wondering, there's the group "Developers", a role "Developers", but the "role" isn't auto-assigned on a per-project basis.  So, go to group "Developers", click "Roles" on THAT page (not the top/left level "Roles" link).  The role "Developers" exists.  Its counterintuitive to "add" it again, but you need to.  Then add it to the project.

For the suggestion box, this needs to be much more clear.  Also, there should be a way to have the role auto-added for new projects.  I'd also name the defaults something different (the group "Developers" and role "Developers" with the same name is confusing, especially since I'm adding the group "Developers" to the project, but they don't get to act like developers).

you get it.  Confusing.  I think if you got a few users such as myself to do some user testing you'd get a feel for it.

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