Can YouTrack create sprints based on existing Fix Versions?

I have manually defined several releases in my Fix Versions enumeration for a project. (e.g. "Week 1", "Week 2")

I have then assigned each issue to a release using the Fix Versions field.

Now I want to start using the Agile Board.

Creating a sprint in there just adds another value to my Fix Versions enumeration.

Is it possible to have YouTrack create sprints based on my existing Fix Versions field?

If I try to create a new sprint with the same name as the values in my Fix Versions field, e.g. "Week 1", it is blocked.

I don't want to have to create all the sprints and reassign all the bugs...
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In Youtrack by default a sprint equals a fix version (unless you chose another "Field to identify sprints" in the board settings).
The versions that already exist in the Fix version enumeration can be selected on the agile board when you click "Unscheduled" beneath the prject combo. See screenshot
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Thank you, youri, for the answer - all 'Fix versions' created in the Administration are sprints and shown in the 'sprints' dropdown on the agile board.
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Thanks - for some reason I hadn't realised this was a dropdown!

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