Error importing Bugzilla into YouTrack KeyError: 'keywords'

1) I am getting this error trying to import Bugzilla into YouTrack.. what is the problem?

2) Can I delete the entire teamsysdata content and try to import again?


PS C:\youtrack-rest-python-library-master\python> c:\python27\python .\ http://localhost:89 root password bugs 3306
root password
All projects will be imported. Are you sure? [y/n]y
bz_product_names :   ['Post Production Testing - SINTA', 'SINTA', 'SINTA - Dealer MGMT', 'SINTA - E-RELOAD', 'SINTA - Non Functional', 'SINTA - Number
 MGMT', 'SINTA - Order MGMT', 'SINTA - Prepaid', 'SINTA - Revenue Assurance MGMT', 'SINTA - Service Support MGMT']
Creating issue link types
Creating issue link types finished
Creating custom fields
Creating custom fields finished
Creating project [ 13 ] with name [ Post Production Testing - SINTA ]
Importing components for project [ 13 ]
Importing components finished for project [ 13 ]
Importing versions for project [ 13 ]
Importing versions finished for project [ 13 ] finished
Importing issues to project [ 13 ]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".\", line 355, in <module>
  File ".\", line 36, in main
    bz_product_names, lambda issue: True)
  File ".\", line 306, in bugzilla2youtrack
    batch = client.get_issues(product_id, from_id, from_id + max_count)
  File "C:\youtrack-rest-python-library-master\python\bugzilla\", line 140, in get_issues
    row["keywords"] = set([kw.strip() for kw in row["keywords"].split(",") if len(kw.strip())])
KeyError: 'keywords'
PS C:\youtrack-rest-python-library-master\python>

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