Is it possible to limit the view of a Role?

For end users, that submit support/feedback issues. Is there a way to limit users (maybe by role??), so that they can only see issues where they are the submitter or the reporter?

Maybe I could create a saved view, and then limit by role, for them to only see that view?

As it sits, if I give end users the Role of Reporter, they can view everything in the project. This is great in some cases, but not in other. We have customers submitting questions under NDA - that I can't let all other customers see.

Thank you for your advice.
You need to enable Create Issue permission and disable Read Issue permission for your Reporter Role. So your customers would only be able to view their own (reported) issues.
Hi Valerie, circling back on this.

I have followed the "help desk" examples setup on your blog, and they work great if the user initiates a request via email to ""

but I can't figure out how to let them see issues we create internally, and then later add the customer. in the attached screen shot, I created an issue, and then added the Customer account. I have a workflow that adds them as a watcher, so they get email on comments, but when they login, they can't see the issues.

so with that. my question is. Is there a way to give them access to issues that they initiate, as well as issues listing them as the "Customer" (which is an attached Account Field).

Thank you.

The problem seems to be if a ticket is created internal, and we assign the "Customer" field, the customer still can't seet his ticket.

This is because only the reporter matters, when the customer logs in.

SOlution would to be, let the customer see all issues they're the reported on (which happens now, without the read issue permission).

BUT ALSO ... let them see issues, where they are added as a customer.

Thanks for helping/listening/solving!
Hi Scott,
I apologize for the delay, looks like I've missed your previous message.
The thing is that you can only configure permissions in YouTrack for the users that actually have accounts in YouTrack or if you want your external customers to have access to the issues created from their emails, you need to have a Guest account enabled, means that your customers would access your YouTrack without logging in.
The main idea of the help desk support we introduced, is to allow you to track the conversation with your customers in YouTrack without the necessity to create user accounts for them. If you have enough user accounts according to your license, you can configure mailbox integration in the way that every issue would be reported under your customer account and YouTrack would create a user account for your customers automatically. In this case you can configure the permissions for these customer accounts in any way: to let them see their issues only etc.
Does it make sense?
We have an unlimited user license, so that part isn't an issue. Also, the users already have accounts, as they have initially emailed our support alias.

When a custom logs in, I would like them to be able to see issues that they are the report on. OR issues where they are assigned as the customer.

Is it possible to get this changed?
Yes, provide them with Create Issue permission and disable Read Issue permission.Should work.

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