Documentation does not specify return content

The documentation at:

Does not specify the content of the response.

What is actually returns is similar to what is documentated at:

Yet, it returns a single WorkItem, like:

<workItem url="">
  <description>second work item</description>
  <author login="root" url=""/>

It would be nice of the documentation were to be updated.
Same goes for:
Robert, thanks for the notice. I'll look into it.
I've asked our engineers to check the doc and both POST and PUT methods for work items, and it still works for us as described in the docs. No content is returned for POST/PUT work items.
Could you please check the method you use and if the problem is reproduced, could you please send us both the request and the response you get?

Dear Kate,

Sorry for crying wolf so early. It seems that I used a get request, instead of POST/PUT.
Nonetheless, it would be useful it the method were to return at least the Id of the newly created workitem. Is there any suggested approach to getting its' id?

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