What software is used to run Jetbrains forums?


I know this is off-topic, but I was wondering what's the software product that is being used to run the JetBrains forums? Is it available as part of the JetBrains product catalog?


P.S: I apologize if the answer to this question is obvious, or if it has been asked before. I've been googling a bit, but the only relevant thing that I've found was a mention that appears on an old version of the MPS homepage ("JetBrains Forum — a smart online tool for threaded discussions with live wiki markup").
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Hi Alex,
Yes, we use internally developed JetForum application to run our forum. This product hasn't been released yet and I'm not sure if we plan to release it in the close future. So as you know we do practice a lot of dog fooding, this is just an example of this practice.

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