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In our team we widely use YouTrack Agile Board.  In addition we have normal real board with small paper cards where our daily stand-up meeting takes place.  Replicating tasks on paper is tedious and we are already tired of this.  Is there any tool which can print cards from some particular release from YouTrack?
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And also note that you can open your tasks from the board in a common issue list using the search query `Board Your_Project: {Your_Sprint}` and click reports > issues in HTML, there you will find an easy to print presentation of your issues from the sprint. You can include issues' descriptions and/or comments to this presentation. However, it doesn't include any custom fields or provide borders for cutting the cards.

Hello Kirill,

Thank you for your request.
We have already received the similar one, please watch for updates, leave your votes and comments.

Thank you.

My team also nead this posibility very much!


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