Agile board card sorting (order)

We invested some time in giving each feature/task priority.

When looking at the board the cards are not sorted by the priority, instead we need to manually sort them
Is there a way to "query" the board and make the cards sort automatically by priority?
Hello Amir,

You're able to use search bar for querying on the board.
sort by: Priority
By default, issues are sorted by Updated, and according to board settings - reflected projects, swimlanes defenition and fix versions configuration.

Thank you.


This solution does not work for me. If I use the query "sort by: Priority" it does not change the card order. They remain in the same order. Is there a way to do this? We have fairly busy sprints where priority should be on top by default. 


Yes, we definitely need this feature as well! Anyway it should work as expected.


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