Error Uploading from Workflow Editor to Instance (YBinaryOperation Errors)

I am using the latest stable release of Youtrack(self-hosted), and the latest Workflow Editor.

I have made sure that all the rules are error free, however the build fails and spits out some warnings & errors. I am unable to understand what these errors mean exactly. When I click on the warnings it opens YBinaryOperations and above the edit window is says, "Warning: the node is in a packaged model. Your changes will not be saved."

When I click on the Errors it takes me to reduce_LocalizableExpression and other similar stuff.

Here are the Error Messages I receive:

java.lang.IllegalStateException : Undefined id for node [_Please_specify_a_due_date]
(java.lang.RuntimeException): error invocation method: "propertyMacro_GetPropertyValue_4528860825807430840" in jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.localization.generator.template.main.QueriesGenerated (right-click to see)
cannot evaluate property macro, exception was thrown
--  – was input node: [message] LocalizableExpression <no name>[7392775220494839929] in jetbrains-youtrack-dueDate@1_1
--  – was rule: [smodelAttribute] PropertyMacro <no name>[4528860825807430839] in jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.localization.generator.template.main@generator
--  – was template: [item] GText <no name>[4528860825807430838] in jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.localization.generator.template.main@generator
model "jetbrains-youtrack-dueDate" generation failed : jetbrains.mps.generator.impl.GenerationFailureException: java.lang.RuntimeException: error invocation method: "propertyMacro_GetPropertyValue_4528860825807430840" in jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.localization.generator.template.main.QueriesGenerated
generation completed with errors in 67 ms
Error executing target jetbrains.mps.lang.core.Generate.generate
Make failed. See previous messages for details.

Any ideas what is going on here?
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Please try to delete all workflows from the Workflow Editor and download them again.

Also please ensure you didn't change arguments (strings) of 'l10n()' methods. If you have to change localized strings please replace 'l10n()' expressions completely with your own string or follow the instruction.

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