Why "root" cannot mark some states as resolved in Agile Board

I have a Youtrack account with root privileges. I have created multiple agile boards and I constantly manage with the help of backlogs. The default search query for backlog excludes resolved states (as it uses #Unresolved in search query). There are intotal 13 states in Youtrack with 7 considered as resolved and 6 considered as unresolved. I would like to change this setting as I want to include some more states in my backlog

However, when I open the setting of a Agile Board and try to edit the settings of each state (mark it (un)resolved with a checkbox), I am unable to do so. The check box is kind of disabled.

Alternatively I cannot even edit the default backlog query for the board and get the following message

"You don't have the access permissions to save it."

Q1) Isn't it that the root account has all the privileges?
Q2) Is it even possible to change the youtrack defaults in this case?
Q3) If yes, how can I do it?

Sorry for not responding earlier.
'root' user may not have admin permissions in all projects. Please, check what's set under Agile settings> the board name> Change and Visibility settings?
Check permissions under Administration> Users> root user> Permissions tab.
Is it InCloud instance or Stand-alone? If it's Stand-alone, and there are no other users with full admin permissions, you may restore root user with 'jetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword' parameter from here.

Thank you.
Thanks Andrey

My account is cloud based. My Change and Visibility setting are both project based. Also as a root user I am admin for all the projects (image attached)

Still cannot change the settings of state and move them from resolved to unresolved and vice versa

Am I missing something here??

Thanks for details. Are there any archived projects that use shared State bundle? Check this under Administartion> Projects> show archived projects?
Please, attach also screenshots of Agile settings and Permissions View pages.

Thank you.
Yes.. I did have some projects which were archived. Un-archived them and was able to make the changes.

Thanks a ton for you support


Happy to help!

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