Ring authentication problem

Nobody can authenticate through ldap anymore. Also legacy Youtrack users can't. Only users that already had a session open still can open Youtrack.

When I login to the system as Root, I get the message that Ring integration is not verified.
When I check the Ring url and click verify, the browser gets in a loop and keeps refreshing.

After a while the addressbar looks like this: http://youtrackserver/hub/services/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/api/rest/oauth2/
Hi Youri,

Sorry for not responding earlier!
Is it on the latest YouTrack build? We've already fixed the issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-27151 .
Please, mind, you would need to check LDAP auth module configuration.Probably, after upgrade configuration was set incorrectly
I used the release version of a couple of weeks ago.
Today I upgraded to the latest build (12223). But I don't know how to get the settings page for AD integratiion in Ring. The previous time I got the page automatically.
I cannot login to ring with the same root user as Youtrack. I can create an account but can't change settings.
If I login to Youtrack as Root I don't have settings for ldap or auth modules. See http://forum.jetbrains.com/thread/YouTrack-1828


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