Can you extract from YouTrack tasks and show Top Most Parent relation?

We have projects that have various levels which create subtasks under subtasks under subtasks etc.
Is it possible to determine all of the individual tasks(And their associated story points) that are just under a single Parent Task even if the Parent's subtasks have subtasks? -Without looking at the actual tree view and looking at each individual task manually.
(I need to make a report that shows %Complete per Top Parent Task)

Example:I want to see ALL Tasks that fall under JUST Top Parent 1 and all of the Story Points we've assigned to those tasks

  • Sub Task 1.1
    • Sub Sub Task 1.1.1
    • Sub Sub Task 1.1.2
      • Sub Sub Sub Task
        • Sub Sub Sub Sub Task
      • Sub Sub Sub Task
    • Sub Sub Task 1.1.3
  • Sub Task 1.2
  • Sub Task 1.3

  • Sub Task 2.1
  • Sub Task 2.2
  • Sub Task 2.3

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