InCloud and Jabber private server

I'm using InCloud and running private jabber server (let say
I failed to receive the jabber notification message, so it seems like firewall problem or some setting issues.

1. I entered "" to my YT profile. is it right?
2. when I click "send test jabber message" in YT administration settings (at the last of the page), it said success but nothing happened in my jabber client.

is there anything that I have to setup more? How does send message to my jabber server and relay the message to client?
I got it works. but badly works.
YouTrack Incloud sends hello message and communication was fine, but after a while it goes to silence. still shows online but no response to my any message.
Hi Youngjae,

It's better to add YouTrack jabber-bot to your Jabber client's contact list first. Did you try that?

Thank you.
Yes. I did. it works very unstable.
now it(**** shows offline.
Some minutes before, I can send command with this even YouTrack jabber bot showed offline. how was it happened?

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