Is there a report with cummulative estimates per developer in sprint?


I would like to have a report where I would see how much work (in terms of estimation) each developer is assigned in a sprint. I can not find a way how to persuade YT to show this. In time reports the estiamtion is shown, but only if there is some work done.

We are using YT 4.1.2, but we would most likely upgrade if this was added in some next versions of YT. However, after reading this article:, I think it is still nto possible.

Pity is, that in 4.1.2 even export to CSV does not work properly. The field estimation is some piece of HTML ... .

Does anybody know, how to extract this kind of info? Ideally in 4.1.2 version :)

Thank you for the case.
Correct, Estimation time results only if spent time value exists. Commonly, you may log 0m in each task automatically with custom workflow.
New Time Reports includes Per User tab which may look useful for you.

Thank you.

The solution with workflow is a clever workaround. I am trying to create the workflow, but the problem is  that I can not find the right literla for filling the time spent. 0:0:0 does nto work , integer 0 does not work what should be there? Here is my code (What?? I cant copy the text from workflow editor??):

when isReported() &&"Task", ignorecase) {
issue.Spen time = 0;

Can you tell me what to put there isntead of the zero? Thanks

Spent time custom field is a field of 'period' type, so you're not able to set integers to the field. I suggest you to use 'applyCommand' property (as if you just apply command via UI).
Usage examples can be found in default 'jetbrains-youtrack-workTimer' workflow or in our guides.

Let me know if need any further assistance.
Thanks. Unfortunately, adding work item does nto work from workflow. I have this:

when becomesReported() {
  issue.applyCommand("add work Today 1m");
  issue.State = {Reopened};

The state is changed, but the work item is not added. Am I doing something wrong?
From COmmand dialog (in YT) the work item is worked.
Does the user a new issue is being created by has permission to add new work items?

Please try to execute the command by the 'root': issue.applyCommand("add work Today 1m", project.getUser("root"));

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