Workaround or fix for YT bug in agile

I have changed the field used in "FIled for identify swimlanes". The new field is enum[*]. Imemdiatelly the agile view stopped working and I only the following error is written out:

jetbrains.teamsys.dnq.runtime.queries.TreeKeepingEntityIterable@62f72ce4' cannot be cast to Entity of type 'EnumField'

I can not change it back because settings is on the page whichh stoped working (...youtrack/rest/agile/ism/sprint/End%202.1%20KB2). How can I fix it? It would be enough to change it back to original field, where it worked.

The version of YT is 4.1.2.

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Solved. I issued DELETE http command to agile and int his way deleted the whole settings of agile for the project where the problem was.

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