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Is there a way to create a recurring issue (e.g. every week/month/year)?
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Thank you for your comment. We will take it into account. However, for now, YouTrack does not allow creating recurring issues from UI. So, the recommended way to create them is using the On-schedule workflow rule, as you mentioned. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.  

I agree that this would be a very useful feature.  I understands that it is possible to achieve this by coding up the desired functionality using Workflows, however, this is not a straight forward task and would be out of reach for less technical users.  I would like to see a GUI where a user can set the desired recurrence schedule, and set the values for all properties in the issue.

I have several routine maintenance and reporting tasks that recur, and it would be very helpful indeed if I could set these up in YouTrack (without resorting to writing my own Workflow).


I noticed some new comments on this request. I decided to checkout the on-schedule workflow that is now available in the Workflow Constructor. From what I can see this is designed to run the defined workflow on a schedule, which will then apply to the target issues.

I think what is being requested is the ability to create new issues on a schedule. For example: On the first Monday of every month, I would like my senior developer to review our public WordPress website, and update any extensions that have available updates etc... So I would like to set up a schedule so that a new issue is created in our YouTrack instance each month.

I thought it worth noting that it appears that the on-schedule workflow in the Workflow Constructor does not address this request. If I have misunderstood the features available in the on-schedule workflow in the Workflow Constructor please let me know.



Thank you for checking our workflow constructor! There is a block called Create an issue in the action blocks, so it is possible to make a workflow rule that will create new issues according to the selected schedule.


Thanks for the quick response! I took a look at the Create an issue block and then remembered that I had reviewed this feature already. The issue that I encountered previously was with the inability to set a relative date value, which I needed for the Due Date of the issue being created. This usability problem has been documented here: If this is addressed then I believe I will be able to create my desired workflow, that will create an issue each week/month for regular maintenance and reporting tasks.



Oleg Larshin Did this feature ever get added? I agree it would be very useful to have GUI based solution.


Sec252 It is now possible to create an on-schedule workflow in the Workflow Construtor, which is easier than writing code. We don't have plans to add any other options for creating recurring tasks, I'm afraid.


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