Mailbox integration, reply mails from gmail turns up empty text


We are using YouTrack for our support staff. When customer mail to our office 365 inbox, we have mailbox integration setup to read that inbox. It works perfectly as far as I know. But when gmail users responds to a comment made in the issue, the comment that is created by system turns up empty. This only happens when customers reply from gmail.

Any ideas? We are running YouTrack 5.2. See the red marking in the attached file.

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Applying and attaching this stateless rule to the project fix the problem for me.

when comments.added.isNotEmpty { 
  var text = comments.last.text; 
  if ((text.contains("</meta>", ignoreCase))) { 
    text = text.replace("</meta>", ""); 
    text = text.replace("</META>", ""); 
  comments.last.text = text; 

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