How to make a project private in Youtrack Cloud


we currently have a youtrack cloud installation and we have two types of users: developers who can see issues in all projects and reporters from a customer from which we do consulting services. We want the reporters to only see issues for one project (e.g., Project X).

To achieve this, we have removed the "Global Observer" role from the "All Users" group and created another group with the observer role on Project X.

This works fine, but when youtrack is upgraded, the All Users group permissions are reset and the reporters get the Global Observer role, which we need to remove.

Is this a bug in Youtrack or is there another way to achieve what we are trying to do (prevent users from seeing entire projects)?
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I have similar problem in Stand-Alone version. By the unkown reason All Users group permissions are resets to Global Observer. That's becomes a security issue in our processes.

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