Hide empty swimlanes in Agile Board?

Hello everyone,

We are just evaluating YouTrack right now and running into an issue that hopefully someone can help with.

We are transitioning to Kanban (or a variation of it but basically no sprints - just a constant queue of things to work on next).

What I am struggling with is swimlanes - we want each TASK to be it's own card even if it belongs to a FEATURE. With swimlanes we get that functionality and we like having all tasks grouped together. Our issue is that once a feature is closed, or has no open tasks I don't want to see it in the agile board. Is there a setting to hide swimlanes that have no visible cards?

Alternatively, I can forgo swimlanes completely but I would still want each card to represent a task - not a feature with tasks being an ordered list within the card.

Thanks in advance!
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Looks like adding -Feature to the query did the trick, but before I go ahead with it as my solution I wanted to make sure I am not missing something here...

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