PowerShell Support for JetBrains YouTrack Rest API

The YouTrackSharp (.NET Library) is great! But a while ago I started with native PowerShell Support.

You can find the latest version of "PowerShell Support for JetBrains YouTrack Rest API" on GitHub.

Since I use YouTrack more and more, I will implement more and more functions that I find useful for automation ;-)

Official comment

Hello Joerg,

Great news! Thank you very much for this. Could you please let me know what YouTrack REST API  methods you're going to support?  Maybe you'll be able to share those automation scripts completely ?


Hi Andrey,


glad you like it :)

Next on my list:

  • Groups (Get Groups, manipulate Groups)
  • Create a complete Project from scratch via PowerShell
  • Attachment handling
  • Import Links
  • Linking Issues

I had also a few user functions, but I decided to delay that and implement that as Hub function.

And yes: I will share some of the scripts that I use... At the moment most is shared via the examples in the Module.

But I will transfer my Build scripts soon. At the Moment I use these steps to create/manipulate Issues in BitBucket (this is our main Tool for internal Development). Basically it opens an Issue when the TeamCity Build failed and updates it if something changes.

This is mostly for internal use, but due to the fact that we use different tools at the moment (still think about a total migration to one central tool) I use PowerShell a lot to automate things between eat existing tooling. Some in Jira, some from/to BitBucket and some from/to our Helpdesk Tool. In short: To manage our Zoo!

And PowerShell because we develop a lot of PowerShell tools for customers :)


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