Flow process for Scrum. Only QA can change state to Done.


I'm trying to configure YouTrack for Scrum process.

Right now I have 5 states:
Open / Reopened / In Progress / Awaiting QA / In QA / Done /

For my flow, only QA (1 account) can change state to "Done".

How can I do it by workflow?

If my process isn't right, please correct me, I will be very grateful.



P.S. Right now,  when developer change stage from "in progress" to "awaiting QA" - assigned isn't changed. QA gets a notification by mail (I made it by the workflow).

Same situation with - "Reopened" - no changes in assigned, Only mail notify for assigned on this task. 

In this workflow process all tasks assigned to developers. Not on QA. (Maybe it's not right decision...)

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