Unwieldy long user description for issues created by a service

I tried to create an issue using the REST API, authenticated with OAuth2 (client credentials) as a service (registered in Hub). The issue is created as expected, but it is then presented with an unwieldy long user description: “External Service User 8b60c57c-2df8-4e76-8b05-9d865f895464”. It’s so long the GUI cannot handle it well:

Can I edit or set the service user description somehow? Is there perhaps a better way to create the issue in this case? I understand a service can act as a regular user, either using the authorization code flow or the resource owner password credentials flow, but there are use cases when a service needs to create an issue on its own. I guess I can create a separate YouTrack user for the service account and use it as the resource owner, but it seems a bit redundant.

Liubov Melnikova

What REST method are you using?


I used the standard PUT /rest/issue method as described here.


Service accounts are not intended to produce user content, that it why they have non-readable names. The proper way would be to use a regular user account credentials in the OAuth2 flow.


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