How to install YouTrack on web hosting and access via custom domain and other queries?

Hi Guys,

I'm very new to YouTrack and tried using it on local host under Mac OSX. My first impression on it was really stuck and can't say in words how neat and elegant was the whole user interface. I'm really loving it now and would like to adapt the UI to electrical and electronics engineering projects along with the issue tracking. So far I'm already into the play and have found plenty of useful customisable features which I can turn them into the ones relevant to engineering stuff. Now I'm moving to some intermediate skill to change the UI and got some doubts to be clarified. Here are the list of queries I've got now.

1. I'm now trying it on local host under Mac OSX and its running fine without any issues. I would like to install and do trails online like hosting it under siteground or goddady and use custom domain/sub domain to access it. I mean so that I can give my team the online access.

2. I've came across other products like team city, upsource and hub. Could you please explain in brief on each?

3. I will be using it for 8-10 users now and is there any option to purchase access to custom logo, private projects and ssl without upgrading to more users.

Thank you.


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Hello Dee,

Sorry for the delay.

Thank you very much for your words! 
1. Yes, it's possible to install YouTrack on hosted providers. Have you already tried to deploy on exact hosted servers? Commonly, you need run JAR just like it's described here .

Custom domain can be installed as described here .

2. Sure:

TeamCity is continuous integration server. It's well-integrated with YouTrack so you can easily automate process of resolving issues and building them up in TeamCity build. Here is the demo

Here is how it configures .

UpSource is code review and repository browsing tool. Demos .

Hub is user management tool. The idea behind is- there are several servers you use along with your team, for examaple YouTrack and UpSource. in each tool you need to manage user groups, projects and permissions for each. Having external Hub and connecting all tools together, you don't need to manage permissions independently for each tool. You have all users and groups in Hub and manage permissions in on place for each tool. Here is the doc .

Here is the demo how it can be integrated all together .

3. Unfortunately we don't support pricing per features. But, if in terms of YouTrack stand-alone, privacy depends only on your server settings. So, you can restrict access to your server meaning YouTrack will not be accessible as well. SSL is also available for all stand-alone plans. Unfortunately, custom logo is included in commercial plans only.

Let me know if need more details, I'll be happy to help.

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