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So I have watched all the videos and done a bunch of searching around to find a solution for this. I seem to have gotten scrums down pat and can organize all the tasks I need into those in the various swimlanes. I have my tasks laid out in the following structure.

-feature 1
--task 1
--task 2
-feature 2
--task 1
--task 2

This particular epic has sub tasks that are features and the features have tasks so basically 3 levels in the tree. See here

I want to create a generic agile board that l admins can see, but not part of any sprints. Much like a Kanban board, but have the epic as the backlog search, and then features listed with the tasks within them.

I tried doing this with a query and did links: ORG-15 which is the name of the epic. This seemed to work ok and give me something that I needed, but It does not show the tasks within the features under the epic. Take a look here

So I am hoping to get some help on how to show the tasks in the swim lanes within these features on the boards. ANy ideas for what I am doing wrong not to have them display?

Here is the epic with relevant features and tasks under them

Thanks for any help

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Hello Lachie,

We already had am email conversation, but I think others would be interested in this, too:

- you need to create special tag, and set it to all issues of ORG-15 parent task.

- remove search query `links: ORG-15` from the board settings

- add query `tag <special tag>` to the boards settings

After that, issues linked to ORG-15 will be shown on the boards. Unfortunately, those issues assigned to a different Sprint won't be added to the sprint.

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